Thursday, December 11, 2008

Creative Shower Themes

THEMED invitations can be the start of a very fun, exciting and memorable occasion. The invitation you select will set the tone of the party you are planning and allow your guests to prepare accordingly for your event. Once, you have established a theme, you can then begin to gather information and ideas regarding the location, decorations, favors, flowers, music, linens, menu and drink selection etc.

How elaborate and detailed you decide to be, will depend completely upon your budget. Be creative and have fun! And if you're not, well then, find an event planner, creative friend or peruse bridal magazines, books and popular websites to stimulate your imagination.

DESTINATION OR BEACH themed Weddings and showers are increasingly popular and can range from informal and elegant to quite elaborate and romantic at exotic locals. The first invitation is an example of a CARRIBEAN BASH. The whimsical nature of the palm trees reaching out for each other, the gentle and calming waves in the background and the scattered shells in the sand, speaks of a get together that is going to be casually elegant with lots of fun glassware, frozen drinks, cool music and cute little paper umbrellas to set the mood!!

Many showers today are including men along with the ladies. They are popularly called JACK and JILL showers or COUPLES showers. And some have parties geared especially for the Groom.

I really like the example (above left), HAPPY HOUR and HANDYMAN SHOWER. With the assortment of tools and tape measure ribbon there should be no question what type of gift the guests should bring.

The KITCHEN or AROUND THE HOUSE SHOWER (above right) is a perfect theme for couples who love to cook and would like to hone their culinary skills. The apron, paired with all the kitchen utensils, gadgets galore and especially the festive red checkered ribbon says fun and easy going.

LINGERIE showers are quite girly and are a perfect choice for the Bride-to-be that is already established and has acquired much of the necessary household items. They are also fun for smaller showers between very close friends and relatives. It all depends on the age and personality of the guests invited but you can really have a blast planning the music and drink menu for this party. It's a GIRL'S NIGHT OUT!

Throwing a fabulous party does take a lot of planning and can, depending on the number of guests invited, cost a nice chunk of change. Discussing budgets and delegating responsibilities early on with the bridesmaids will hopefully eliminate unwanted problems with money. Get everyone involved so they can do their fair share of work. For instance, if one friend has a "green" thumb let her handle the floral decorations, if another is crafty let her pull together the favors. If someone is an incredible baker let her whip up some decadent desserts, you get the idea;-) Just have fun and make the planning a memorable event too!!!

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