Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amazing Cakes

Pink Cake Box Cake
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The tradition of the Wedding cake has long come to symbolize
the unity and togetherness of a newly married couple.
That is why they stand side by side, hand on hand
and cut the cake together.

If you haven't selected your Wedding cake yet,
a good way to start is by looking through
as many photographs as possible.
You can just get swept away by the
unbelievable artistry and talent of the designers.

The following images are a beautiful and diverse
selection of Wedding cakes that range from
traditional round buttercream designs,
to very modern and sleek creations,
to whimsical, colorful and artsy selections,
to a very trendy cupcake tower
and also an imaginative destination themed example.

I have included a link at the bottom of the page
that I thought provided a good description of the different styles
of Wedding cakes and spotlights a few trends for 2010.

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Photo courtesy of:

Photos courtesy of:

Photos courtesy of:

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The following link will provide you with useful
information regarding the different styles
of Wedding cakes and trends for 2010.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Make that gift special

Many people are looking for that very special gift
to give to an engaged or married couple,
close family member or dear friend.
They often request an item with a personalized touch,
whether it be engraved or embroidered.
If our customers are searching specifically for
the Bride and Groom,
there are many keepsake gift ideas for them to explore
such as customized throw blankets with names
and Wedding date, engraved champagne flutes and
coordinating server sets, matching his and hers robes, etc.
An ongoing Wedding trend is the
increasing popularity of the monogram.
You can find it on such details as a
Wedding accessory, gift item and special apparel.
Some of the monogrammed items that you will find
in our boutique are cake toppers, elegant guestbooks,
handmade Bridal hankies, chenille robes,
customized shower curtains, cuff links and special
gifts for women, men and children.

Single initials, names or customized phrases are also
requested to personalize a gift to make it special.

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Customized luxury chenille robes are a beautiful
and memorable gift for a Bride to present to her attendants.

A new item making its way into our boutique
is this fun and inexpensive
window cling decal that announces the
happy couple is Just Married!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Go from Mrs. without the hassle!

While doing some reading online, I came across a poll that I thought was very interesting. It stated that in a recent survey of newly wed women, that 30% of them were not taking their husband's name. I am not sure what their reasons were, possibly due to professional or financial status or maybe even age. But for the 70% of Brides who will be, it can be a daunting, challenging and even frustrating task. So, if you are getting married and planning to change your name, there is a convenient little kit that has ALL the necessary forms you will need to make this process much easier and less stressful. All of the paperwork is located within the box which makes it great because there is no downloading information, no new software to install and no forms to print!

You can change your name with:
•Social security
•Driver License
•Vehicle Title
•Voters Registration
•Professional Affiliations
•Property Records

Inside this name change kit you will find:
•All Government Forms
•Ancillary Record Change Forms
•Labels for envelopes
•Customization to your State and Local Jurisdiction

So many of "my" Brides tell me what a time saver this kit was. Also, it is a repeat purchase for many of my customers to give as an add-on Bridal Shower gift. If you are a busy professional, as many of us women are today, this small investment is worth its weight in gold!

Additionally, here are a couple of things to keep in mind BEFORE the Wedding...

•Tell your job so they can start the process of changing your email address, and your business cards.

•Tell your bridesmaids and family that you're changing it, just in case anyone checks with them before getting anything monogrammed.

•Make your honeymoon reservations using your MAIDEN name. You won't have a passport or drivers license in your new name yet, so you'll need your tickets to match your documentation.

Good luck!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hip and Chic Bridal Apparel

If you are looking for some hip and chic
apparel for your Big Day and Honeymoon,
we offer crystal embellished hoody sets,
pjs, bikinis, tanks, t-shirts and boyshorts.

Our best selling item!
This white hoody and cropped pant set
is embellished with the word "Bride".
It is perfect to wear to the salon
because the zipped front won't mess
that perfectly coiffed Wedding Day hair!
Available in sizes S - XL

Announce your new "Mrs." title
with this comfy black hoody set that is a
perfect outfit for the plane.

If you want to be cute as well as comfy,
this cotton/modal blend Bridal Pj will be a perfect fit.
Another best seller!
Available in sizes S - XL.

Look great on your Honeymoon with a halter
or string style bikini in your choice of crystal phrases.
Custom personalization with a name takes two weeks.
Available in white and raspberry too
in sizes S -L

These super stretchy ribbed tanks are a popular choice
among the Brides and her 'Maids
looking to have some fun on a girl's night out.
Available in white and fuschia also
sizes S - 3XL

Don't forget the MOB and the MOG!
Available in sizes S - 3XL

Matching tanks and boyshirts with your choice of phrases.
"the mrs." is our best seller!
Available in sizes S - 3XL

Pretty lace and cotton undies with a boyish elastic
boxer-like waistband.
Available in sizes S - XL

Just a pretty picture of our armoire in the lingerie room:-)
It is filled with pretty chemises, fun cotton apparel,
marabou slippers and silk panties.

New Bridal Peignoir Lingerie for 2010

Arriving soon at A Beautiful Touch,
is the most exquisite collection of short and long
Bridal peignoir sets for the upcoming Spring 2010 season.
This is our finest selection ever!

The beautiful lingerie you see in the photos
is only a small sample of the fine items we will offer.
They represent a very glamorous lingerie line and are
quite reminiscent of the days of "old Hollywood".

More Bridal peignoir sets are arriving weekly!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Top 10 Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

If you live in the Northeast section of the U.S. like me:-)
and are patiently waiting for the snow to melt,
why not start thinking about your Honeymoon?
Many of my customers choose a warm
and tropical location such as the Caribbean.
As I was searching for a great video that depicted beautiful
palm tree lined beaches, exotic food and fruits of various islands
and a feel for the people and the landscape, I came across
very informative videos produced by
They are a top ten list of Caribbean Honeymoon destinations
in a two part video series.

If you haven't selected the perfect lover's vacation spot,
maybe this will be a good starting point.
Photos courtesy of:

This is the first portion of the two part video

This is the second portion of the series

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friends and Lovers?

As I was relaxing on an unexpected snowday,
I thought it was the perfect opportunity
to cozy up on the sofa and catch a great movie,
an "old classic". Since Valentines's Day is
right around the corner and love is in the air,
I figured a romantic comedy would suit me just fine.
Enter, my all time favorite, When Harry Met Sally.

As everyone knows, the whole premise of this
wonderfully romantic and funny movie
is the idea behind whether a man and woman
can be true friends.
I believe that men and women will have a difference
in opinion regarding this issue until the end of time
but whatever the reality may be, I think this movie
is worth watching again and again. Especially this weekend:-)
If you like this movie, I have included a few great video clips.

I couldn't write this blog post without including this video clip!
It is the famous restaurant scene
where Sally sets the record straight for Harry;-) courtesy of:

It had to be you. It had to be YOU!

This scene depicts Harry and Sally at a New Year's Eve party
when they FINALLY admit their love for one another.
Ahhhhhhhh, how sweet. I love this movie!!
Watch the video clip below...