Friday, February 26, 2010

Make that gift special

Many people are looking for that very special gift
to give to an engaged or married couple,
close family member or dear friend.
They often request an item with a personalized touch,
whether it be engraved or embroidered.
If our customers are searching specifically for
the Bride and Groom,
there are many keepsake gift ideas for them to explore
such as customized throw blankets with names
and Wedding date, engraved champagne flutes and
coordinating server sets, matching his and hers robes, etc.
An ongoing Wedding trend is the
increasing popularity of the monogram.
You can find it on such details as a
Wedding accessory, gift item and special apparel.
Some of the monogrammed items that you will find
in our boutique are cake toppers, elegant guestbooks,
handmade Bridal hankies, chenille robes,
customized shower curtains, cuff links and special
gifts for women, men and children.

Single initials, names or customized phrases are also
requested to personalize a gift to make it special.

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Customized luxury chenille robes are a beautiful
and memorable gift for a Bride to present to her attendants.

A new item making its way into our boutique
is this fun and inexpensive
window cling decal that announces the
happy couple is Just Married!!

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