Thursday, February 25, 2010

Go from Mrs. without the hassle!

While doing some reading online, I came across a poll that I thought was very interesting. It stated that in a recent survey of newly wed women, that 30% of them were not taking their husband's name. I am not sure what their reasons were, possibly due to professional or financial status or maybe even age. But for the 70% of Brides who will be, it can be a daunting, challenging and even frustrating task. So, if you are getting married and planning to change your name, there is a convenient little kit that has ALL the necessary forms you will need to make this process much easier and less stressful. All of the paperwork is located within the box which makes it great because there is no downloading information, no new software to install and no forms to print!

You can change your name with:
•Social security
•Driver License
•Vehicle Title
•Voters Registration
•Professional Affiliations
•Property Records

Inside this name change kit you will find:
•All Government Forms
•Ancillary Record Change Forms
•Labels for envelopes
•Customization to your State and Local Jurisdiction

So many of "my" Brides tell me what a time saver this kit was. Also, it is a repeat purchase for many of my customers to give as an add-on Bridal Shower gift. If you are a busy professional, as many of us women are today, this small investment is worth its weight in gold!

Additionally, here are a couple of things to keep in mind BEFORE the Wedding...

•Tell your job so they can start the process of changing your email address, and your business cards.

•Tell your bridesmaids and family that you're changing it, just in case anyone checks with them before getting anything monogrammed.

•Make your honeymoon reservations using your MAIDEN name. You won't have a passport or drivers license in your new name yet, so you'll need your tickets to match your documentation.

Good luck!!!

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