Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to choose a Wedding gown

So you're engaged. Congratulations! Once you have set the date and decided exactly what type of Wedding you want, you can now begin the process of finding the "perfect" gown. As you look through the latest Bridal magazines at all the beautiful gowns, you may find yourself wondering, where do I start? Of all the videos I viewed, I found this one to be the best. It packs a lot of useful information in this five minute narrative. Remember...keep an open mind when shopping. Sometimes, the gown you never dreamed you would choose will wind up being the perfect one for you and your body type!

View this video a few times and take some notes! (Gown by Maggie Sottero)


Stefanie Hueftle said...


Great link! This is so true (keeping an open mind while dress shopping). I wanted a more informal, plain dress with little to no train or adornments for my outdoor, waterfall, nature-inspired ceremony this April.

I THOUGHT I wanted that, anyway. I ended up getting an off-the-shoulder, beaded A-line gown with embroidery, sweetheart top, side-ruching, and a big chapel train. You never know until you try them on!

(and needless to say, Mom was really happy with the dress I chose haha).

Ms. Matrimony:-) said...

Hi Stefanie!

Thanks for your comment:-)! See that, you had something in your mind and chose something completely different!!! I love the fact that you wanted no adornments or train and you purchased a beaded gown with embroidery AND big chapel train that you adore!! I am happy to hear Mom loves it!! Lol!!! I can't wait to see pictures!