Sunday, August 2, 2009

"This isn't Tuesday night" - NYC Curve Show

White Chantilly Lace camisole and boyshorts
by Claire Pettibone.

"This isn't Tuesday night!" I couldn't resist using this
rather comical statement as the title of this post.
A sales rep said this to me today in jest, to communicate
the way he felt about the products he was selling.
I definitely understood him.
He was talking about being "special".
And that, is what our lingerie department is all about.

So, with that being said, we just got back from a
very busy and productive day at the Curve Show in NYC
and have some gorgeous new pieces of lingerie for
Winter '09 and Spring '10. We carefully selected a
beautiful repertoire of Bridal and honeymoon lingerie
for our customers that will start shipping in
September up until May of next year.

Lace camisole and thong with silk insets and
ribbon embellishments by Claire Pettibone.

Today's selections include, an amazing collection of elegant
Bridal peignoir sets (which draws customers from the tri-state area),
camisoles and boyshorts/thongs, chemises, bustiers and pajamas.
Our favorite designers include Claire Pettibone, Jonquil, NK,
Flora Nikrooz, Betsey Johnson and Arianne.

Long and short Bridal peignoir sets by Jonquil.
Think elegant and glamorous..."old" style Hollywood!

Short Bridal sets that are very frou frou
for the girly girls:-)
Many Mother's of the Bride insist on a white set
which is very traditional. We have a nice selection
to choose from.

The pictures for these long peignoir sets do not do them
justice. Once you put a body in them they are stunning!

Lace and chiffon chemise and robe by Jonquil.

White stretch lace chemise with crisscross back
by Arianne.

We are incorporating new styles into
our Bridal line and emphasizing different materials,
fabrics and colors for the Honeymoon and
the happily there after:-)

Exclusive printed stretch lace and mesh
by Claire Pettibone.

Ivory stretch lace and silk camisole and
boyshorts by NK.

Ivory stretch lace and light pink silk camisole
and boyshorts by NK.

Ivory stretch lace and baby blue silk
chemise by NK

Silk chiffon and ivory lace chemises in
various colorways.

Love these chemises!! They are feminine, beautiful
and comfortable. They are also available in an ivory silk
with ivory lace. All four of these pieces will be in our
window display coming up in the next few months.

Sugar and SPICE!!! And everything nice:-)
I saved these ones for last...

Actually, now that I am thinking about it,
I am going to make a phone call tomorrow telling
my sales rep that, "Tuesday nights can be special too"!!!!
Life and "special" moments are what you make of them.

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