Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Green ideas from Mr. and Mrs. "Greene"

Jimmy and Elizabeth Greene were married July 17, 2009 at The Woodland Inn and Resort in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania (http://www.thewoodlandsresort.com/). This venue has breathtaking views and natural beauty. Elizabeth had told me about a few of the "Greene" and homemade ideas that she had incorporated into her Wedding and I thought they would be inspirational to other future Brides. Here is a little description of some of Elizabeth's ideas in her own words. We are waiting for her professional album...

"Our theme originated from the last name of my husband [to be], Greene. I chose a shade of green for my bridesmaids to wear and planned to be married outside in the woods at our venue. The idea for the centerpieces was to bring the outdoors inside to the reception and "Go Green[e]". I was inspired by a photograph from Martha Stewart's wedding magazine and my idea evolved creatively from there. After completing the craft I realized how special the personal touch would effect me and my guests. Special because it was impressive to be a homemade project done with my dad, mom, sister and husband. We gifted this unique centerpiece to one lucky guest at each table. The centerpieces made with wooden flowers will last a lifetime."

"My dad had cut and stained the bases. My mom, sister and I had put them together. Each had two candles (ikea) one in a glass hurricane (the dollar store) and one on a glass base (online purchase) a wooden watering can (Michael's) and two sticks (ikea) to hold our homemade table signs. Each centerpiece was decorated differently from the next with ribbon, hemp, rope (Michael's) and wooden roses (http://www.petalbypetal.com/). Instead of table numbers, we titled our tables on one side and on the other side had a fun fact about the title. For example, one table was titled 9th and Federal. The opposite side said "Jimmy and Elizabeth shared their first apartment together at these cross streets in the Italian Market." This was a fun way to get guests to mingle. Guests also enjoyed the centerpiece give-a-way. The DJ had a "hot potato" game where each table passed a set of keys, a champagne glass, and a napkin. When the music stopped, if you were left with the keys you were the designated driver. The glass meant you were in charge of getting drinks from the bar for your table and the napkin meant you won the center piece."

http://www.nurserymen.com/ is the website where we purchased our tree favors. This idea fit our theme perfectly. The favors read "As our love grows and prospers over the years, so too will this tree."

"Instead of a unity candle, Jimmy and I watered a tree. Our pastor made many scripture references to nurturing a tree. Our favors were tree seedlings with messages that said, "As our love grows and prospers over the years, so too will this tree."

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing some of your "Greene" ideas":-) We are looking forward to seeing your professional album.

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