Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Workout for the Buff Bride

{Photo courtesy of: www.fitnessmagazine.com/wedding}

Most of the Brides-to-be that come into my Boutique
tell me that they are embarking on a very structured
fitness regimen to look fabulous on their Wedding Day.
Most of the ladies want to change either their
exercise habits or just eat healthier.
Since I am on quite of a workout mission myself
(and read Fitness Magazine on a monthly basis:-)
I thought I would start searching for some helpful articles.

So, as I was eating my lunch today and flipping through
the latest issue, I found a program for the Buff Bride,
which specifically targets the arms, shoulders and back.
Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a
workout Queen or Princess before your Wedding,
and wearing a strapless gown,
take a look at this link below and see what you think...
And yes, I did sign up for the 6 week Bridal Bootcamp:-)!!!


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