Thursday, August 4, 2011

Soon to Be Mrs...

Looking for a cute gift that is practical and fun for a Bride-to-be?
Our long sleeve cotton hoodies are a perfect gift
for a Bride who is getting married in the Fall or Winter.

They are a great choice to wear to the Salon for the Big Day
because they have a zippered front and are easy to remove
without messing the Bride's hair or makeup.

They are available in black or white in sizes ranging
from small to XL. They can be embroidered with
your choice of words across the back in a colorful
assortment of thread.

The word "Bride" is also available in crystals which
is written across the back. "Mrs" is available as well
and can be placed on the front of the hoody.

Our cotton collection is a favorite choice among our customers.
We also carry tanks, panties, bikinis, robes etc.
Check out the link below to view a more extensive selection
of the fun apparel items that we sell.

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