Sunday, June 14, 2009

Calligraphy Guidelines

The term calligraphy comes from two Greek words roughly meaning artistic beauty and writing or drawing. Or in my book, beautiful handwriting. If you are a Bride and interested in using a Calligrapher to address your Wedding invitation envelopes and placecards, look no further:-) I provide HAND calligraphy services through my Wedding boutique, A Beautiful Touch. The above photograph is an example of my writing on a placecard at a client's Wedding (photo courtesy of Ryan Estes).

I have been interested in beautiful writing for a very long time and starting practicing in the ninth grade:-) Also, I studied Interior Design/Architecture in College and was trained as an "old" school draftsman, which means I printed everything by hand INSTEAD of using computer aided design to generate my blueprints.

So with that being said, please use the guidelines I have provided below to get you started with your Wedding guest list. I hope you find this information to be helpful!
  1. BEFORE you begin, please peruse an older post called "Addressing Do's and Don'ts" (January 7, 2009) and use this insightful information to guide you. If you have any further questions, or encounter any "creative" living situations you may call me to discuss them at 856-858-3777.
  2. Please use a WORD format to set up your guest list and NOT Excel.

  3. Kindly CENTER all guest names and addresses on the page.
  4. Please write 10 guest names and addresses per page.
  5. You may find it helpful to alphabetize your guest list or separate them according to the Bride's family and the Groom's. Do whatever you find is easier.
  6. Please include YOUR name, address, phone number and date of Wedding on the first page of your guest list.
  7. Please REVIEW and carefully check your information. I print exactly what you write.
  8. Please allow a two week lead time depending on the size of your guest list and the volume of Calligraphy work that I currently have.
  9. If you find that you have any address changes once your guest list is submitted, please e-mail me with them at
  10. Full payment up front is required by check or cash only. Thank you.


Cherie DeSorte
123 Haddon Avenue
Westmont, New Jersey 08108
(Cell) 123-456-7891, (Home) 555-123-4567
Wedding: June 7, 2010

Mr. Santino Amorosia
and Ms. Sophia Lorenzo
6769 Ocean Avenue
Longport, New Jersey 08136
Sonny and Sophia

Please note:
The LAST line above is for the INNER envelope.
It is socially acceptable to be informal and address your guests by their first names.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caldwell
34 Third Avenue
Atco, New Jersey 08004
Michelle and Michael

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kasper
125 BeBeetown Road
Hammonton, New Jersey 08057
Grandmom and Poppy

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kennedy
777 Paradise Lane
Haddonfield, New Jersey 08003
Cat and Eric

Doctor and Mrs. Robert McIntire
834 Greentree Road
Marlton, New Jersey 08053
Uncle Bob and Aunt Sally
Billy and Kelly

Please continue the same format down the page until you reach 10 guests.

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