Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bridal Gown Cleaning and Preservation

You found the perfect Bridal gown and you had a dream come true Wedding. Now, you are wondering where to take your beloved dress to clean the DIRTY hemline and to remove that lipstick, food or wine stain.

You can treasure your special moment in time with our HAND cleaning and preservation service. A Beautiful Touch deals with a local business (female owned) that has 30 years in the Bridal business. Experience is very important when deciding where to take your priceless gown. Fabrics are delicate and must be handled properly. Also, if you have elaborate and extensive beading or crystals on your gown, the high heat of the machines (at the dry cleaners) can severely damage, melt or destroy that beautifully detailed work.

Your gown will be hand-cleaned to it's original brightness with a special hypo-allergenic solvent. It will then be treated for preservation. The gown and veil will be placed in a window box for you to view. The box will be incased in an outer box for safe storage. This process will take about one to two months. You may take the gown out of the window box if you wish to observe the brightness, then carefully repack for storage.

Please store your gown in room temperature ONLY. Excessive heat will cause a breakdown of the fibers, causing the gown to yellow. DO NOT STORE IN AN ATTIC! Basement storage, due to moisture, may cause mildew.

We do not recommend storing your shoes or slip within the box. Shoes could soil the gown and the slip takes up too much space. There is however, a larger box available if you must include the slip. You may store the garter or pillow.

A HALF deposit is required at the initial drop off and the balance is due upon completion. If you wish to have your gown hand-cleaned and preserved please call me at the Boutique to make an appointment for drop off time and inquire about prices (856-858-3777). We kindly ask that you make an appointment so there is no waiting time.

We can also clean Christening, Communion and formal gowns.


Vicki said...

Great article! Preservation is so important and I'm afraid most brides don't take it to seriously. Always use a cleaner that has experience and it sounds like you offer a great service! Use the same care when cleaning your Christening Outfits

Ms. Matrimony:-) said...

Thank you for your comments, Vicki! One additional thought that I wanted to include was we had a future Bride to be come in with the Wedding gown her mother wore! She is getting it cleaned so that she may wear it on her Big Day!!! What an heirloom that will be!