Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Warm and "Personal" Memories

Many Brides who come into our Boutique are looking for
a personal gift to give to their special Bridesmaids.
One of our best sellers, are these luxury knit chenille robes
that can be personalized with a name, monogram or
title. They not only make a very practical gift but are a
beautiful sentimental thought as well.

We are almost half way into the summer:-( and it seems as
though the October Brides are looking around for some ideas.
We even have '10 Brides (as in getting married in 2010),
starting to purchase Wedding accessories for their Big Day!

As you will notice in the photograph above (courtesy AVI Studios),
this picture was taken in a warmer month in
a summer resort location. The personalized robes are
perfect for winter months to keep cozy and even in
the hotter ones as they will help to protect from the
sub-zero temperatures from the cranked up air

These robes make wonderful gifts for the future
Bride and Groom too!!!! Perfect with their monograms!!

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