Friday, July 3, 2009

Real Brides - Beautiful Presentations

A beautiful idea for someone to present a collection of gifts, especially personal apparel for the Bride's Wedding day, night, Honeymoon or happily ever after, is to wrap them in these damask stacked keepsake boxes. Whether the gifts enclosed are a trendy zip-up "Soon to be Mrs." hoody, a cozy terry shower wrap or an elegant peignoir set for the Bride's trousseau, they will make a outstanding presentation.

Our newlywed Bride, Lauren (married June 6, 2009), was lucky enough to receive a beautiful repertoire of personal gifts for her Bridal shower that ranged from hip and chic to sophisticated and refined. These photographs show the blushing Bride opening very special gifts from her mother. Her mom carefully packaged all the items with the most important and traditional piece, her peignoir set, in the bottom box so it would be opened last. The other items consisted of a cute cotton crystal cami set, slippers and a pretty silk chemise.

All of these personalized apparel items and pretty underthings were purchased at our boutique, A Beautiful Touch. The stacked damask boxes are also available as well. This five piece set can be simply wrapped and tied with tulle and adorned with satin ribbons and roses. Or they can be left undecorated since they make quite an impressive presentation on their own.

Thank you Lauren for sharing some of your pictures with me and allowing my readers to view your beautiful day! I am sure they were able to gather a few inspiring ideas:-)

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