Monday, February 2, 2009

ABC News: First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love

I was very intrigued the other evening when I sat down to watch an ABC news 20/20 special: the science of seduction. The basis of this story is how an Indian man moved to the United States to attend graduate school and then decided to stay for work. After years of dating, he could not find a women he wanted for a life partner. So he turned to his family back in India for help...

...they answered an ad for "Groom wanted for a beautiful young girl". The couple met and in 10 days they decided to seal the deal, had a lavish and traditional Hindu wedding and the rest is history. Wow. I am always very fascinated by the traditions of other cultures and how they compare to the American way of life.
These pictures show the engagement and marriage of a beautiful young Indian couple.

Apparently, the success rate for "arranged" marriages is very high probably due to the attitude "I am in this forever" and "love will come later". This last statement reminds me of a time when I was much Grandmother asked me, "well Cherie, why don't you want to become serious with boyfriend A " , and I responded "he is a very sweet person Gram, but I don't like him in that way", her answer to that was "well you will GROW to love him". Hmmm, maybe there was some merit in her very wise words:-)

In fact, my neighbor, Arun, is Indian and his parents arranged his marriage 28 years ago. We have very enlightening conversations about this traditional idea, which is why I choose to comment on it. So what do you think? What is the secret to a successful and lasting marriage? Chemistry, values, similar educational backgrounds, science? It sure would be fascinating to finally pinpoint the answer to this age old subject.

Take a look at this 20/20 documentary and gather your own opinions. Also, as a sidenote, take a close look at all the rich, beautiful jewel tones that are present in Hindu weddings and the elaborate embellishment on the Brides body before her Wedding.

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ABC News: First Comes Marriage, Then Comes Love

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