Monday, February 2, 2009


Would you EVER, E V E R even think about "trashing" your dress after your wedding? That's exactly what some Brides are doing! They are scheduling photo shoots on the beach, or other "not so pristine" locations as a way to add more creative and unconventional pictures to their traditional Wedding album.

(Photo, left: Courtesy of Kamilla Harris)

Well, OK, maybe not trashing them. Actually, the term "trash the dress" is just a buzzword that was intended to ignite interest in this national Bridal phenomenon that made it's mark in Atlantic City in the summer of 2007. The name apparently doesn't accurately reflect what necessarily happens.

To some Brides, the very thought of even the slightest little speck of dirt soiling her beloved dress, sends chills racing up and down her spine! Depending upon the ideas of the Bride and her photographer, her dress is not trashed or destroyed. It certainly will become wet, sandy or muddied on the bottom, obviously. A Bride should definitely consider the cost, fabric and sentimental value of her dress before booking a session like this.

(Photos: Courtesy of Ryan Estes)

I think that this is a very intriguing idea for an open-minded Bride to capture creative, fun, spontaneous and possibly even edgy photographs. It is a great way to get more mileage out of a dress that may otherwise stayed sealed in a box for a very long time. You can always have it cleaned and preserved AFTER your day on the Beach!! And since we are so close to the Jersey Shore, why not? A very cool idea!

I am providing two links to photographers who are experienced in TTD sessions...

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