Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Beauty" tip of the week

A few times a month, I will be posting a "tip of the week" about make-up and skin care specifically geared for the Bride-to-be. These beauty tips will be given by Nicole Wood, of The Beauty Lounge in Westmont, NJ (just two blocks from my Boutique). She has over 17 years in the industry as a make-up artist/model and skincare specialist working with major magazines, companies and celebrities. Nicole offers services "on location" or at her spa.

Nicole's tip for great brows and skin...

Six months prior to your wedding, you should start with grooming and shaping your brow. The reason for this is, if you want a specific shape for your brow, they grow very slow and it will give you ample time to achieve that perfect brow. You should start looking at pictures in magazines that you like. I can help and guide you with this.

Also, start with a simple skin care regime such as a hydrating face wash, toner and moisturizer. I additionally suggest, starting with glycolic products to get that perfect glow and skin tone.
I would also highly recommend hydrating and balancing facials during this time as well and once a week before your wedding and any waxing 4 days before as well. I can help you achieve your perfect brows, skin, make-up and hair.

Put your best face forward...


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