Thursday, March 5, 2009

"PERSONALIZE" your Wedding

Personalizing your Wedding is as easy as "ABC". There are many creative, elegant and fun ways to do this. I would like to spotlight a few different ideas that I hope will give you inspiration.

Custom monograms turn beautiful products into timeless and treasured keepsakes. We embroider on items such as the Wedding guest book, penholder, ring bearer pillow, etc.(

A monogram consists of three letters. The first small initial is the FIRST initial of the woman's name. The large middle initial is the LAST name initial of the man's name and the final small initial is the FIRST initial of the man's name. Got it:-)!

Crystal studded caketoppers (or cake jewelry) with script initials are a very contemporary and popular way to add a bit more decadence to your Wedding cake. After your ceremony, they can be added to a shadowbox along with your dried bouquet and invitation (I do know of a great local company that provides this service). (

I absolutely love this next idea... Personalized wreaths that are embellished with lush fresh flowers. You can also use silk rose petals if you want to embark on a DIY project. If you are getting ready for your Wedding at your Mom's house, hang them on the front door to let everyone know it's your special Day. Or they can be attached to a large beautiful tree in the yard or garden. Also, one initial can be used for the Bride's shower. Get creative! Print the Bride's name, or maybe, "Helen's Bridal Shower" on pretty stationary that coordinates with the color of the flowers and pin it in the center of the H. Silk rose petals may be a bit easier and more cost efficient to use at a Bridal Shower. (

Another fabulous idea that I have seen some of my Brides do is to illuminate the dance floor with their monogram. Not only is this a very personalized idea it is one of those moments where your guests will say "wow"! Of course if you have been reading my blog you will know that is what we call the "wow factor":-) Your guests will remember special details that instantly delight and surprise them.

A beautifully presented dessert tray of monogrammed luxurious treats will speak for themselves! Rich chocolates, decadent truffles and hand-piped cookies that are artfully designed, make an indulgent favor for your guests. Small details have big impact (

Don't forget that photographs are a great way to add a very personal touch to your Wedding celebration. These "imperial" style glass coasters are a thoughtful and practical gift for your guests. (

Even after your unforgettable Day is over, you can still wow your guests with these customized picture stamps from How delighted will your friends and relatives be when they open their mailboxes and see the happy couples smiling faces!! A perfect ending to a picture perfect Day.

I hope these ideas were helpful in getting you started on the path to personalization. But please keep in mind, restraint is the very essence of elegance. If you are planning a regal Wedding or swanky soiree, you do not want it to look like a letter bomb went off! So pick and choose the items that really suit your style and the ambiance of your Wedding.

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