Monday, March 2, 2009

Placecard holders with "Style"

If you are planning your Wedding or Bridal shower around a particular theme or having it at quite a distinctive location, you may want to consider purchasing unique placecard holders to add to the atmosphere you are trying to create. These small and unexpected touches have BIG impact and will help to unify your theme. They are relatively inexpensive and can also serve as a favor for your guests.

For the Wine Lovers...This placecard holder is perfect for a celebration that has a vineyard setting or possibly a couple that is throwing a wine soiree. I love the authentic appeal of the cork and the embossed architectural detail with the French words "Maison du vin". The grapes on the vine placecard complement this little gift beautifully (placecard included - lowest price is approx. .98 ea).

"Green" thumb? A very popular trend, is to incorporate more natural, organic or eco-friendly products into the grand scheme of the Wedding plan. If you are planning an "outdoorsy" or garden themed affair, these well manicured topiary placecard holders are very earth inspired (lowest price is approx. $1.40 each).

Seashells down at the seashore...These placecard holders are made from real shells and are are so perfect for seaside themed Weddings or events. A great idea is to place these holders in an elegant bed of sand, which will add greatly to the "wow factor" of your celebration . They are a excellent choice for a couple trying to go a bit more au natural (lowest price is approx. $1.10 each)

Recipe for Love? If you're planning a kitchen shower for the Bride or she is marrying a chef :-) these rolling pin placecard holders are the perfect ingredient for a well planned occasion. Bridal showers that are hosted in a family members or friends home have a more intimate and sometimes more relaxed feeling. This gift is practical for holding recipe cards AFTER the party and the placecard is fun and adorable. This choice ranks high for cute appeal! (placecard included - lowest price is approx. $1.50 each).

All of these favors can be found on our website and purchased online! Here is the link:

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