Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have a seat please!

During the past few days, I have found some really great articles and pretty cool websites that I think may be of value to you. Since I have many upcoming Weddings in the next three months, I know there will be many Brides planning the seating arrangements for their Wedding guests.

This can get a bit tricky especially if you have a large guest list or unfortunately have feuding family members or divorced parents that are not on good speaking terms:-( I found this website through Brides Magazine and thought it was a little bit like playing musical chairs! I logged onto this site to experiment with a trial run and found it relatively simple and straight forward to understand. You can add tables of various styles and sizes and move them anywhere on the screen. You can also drag and drop guest names as easy as can be and save several versions to see which one works best. Additionally, you can import a guest list from an Excel or Word file. This site can be used for planning the seating arrangement for any party or celebration!

There is a $20 fee for this service and it is good for 6 months. There is a money back guarantee within 7 days if you are not satisfied. I think it is well worth the cost for the convenience. Good luck!


devon said...

Great Article and very helpful! As far as doing place cards vs. seating chart boards, What would you suggest if there is a wedding of about 230-250 people, Do you think that it is easier to use the board so that everyone can easily find where they are sitting or do you think place cards are just fine?

Ms. Matrimony:-) said...

Hi Devon!
Although the seating chart boards are very nice, I am a big fan of using placecards to help seat your guests. If they are written very beautifully, by a calligrapher, and displayed on an entrance table with maybe some small candles in pretty votives that would be perfect!