Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Pearly" Girls

When we see a woman wearing pearls, we quite naturally think of the words elegant, classy and refined to describe her. Jacqueline Bouvier wore a strand of pearls when she wed John F. Kennedy, as did Queen Elizabeth II on her Wedding day back in 1947. Since ancient times, the pearl has been the symbol of unblemished perfection. It is the oldest known gem and for centuries it was considered the most valuable.

The Greeks believed that if a women wore pearls on her Wedding day, it would promote marital harmony and take away a new Bride's tears. They associated the pearl with love and marriage and unrivaled beauty. In ancient Rome, this organic gem was considered to be the ultimate symbol of wealth and status. There are however, some traditions that think just the opposite and say they will bring the Bride tears and unhappiness:-( Hmmm.

In other cultures, the tradition of passing a strand along family lines for good luck reached it's height during the Victorian Era. It is not practiced currently, but instead it is more customary to see a Father of-the-Bride or Groom present the Bride-to-be with this iridescent beauty.

Today, pearls have come to represent an elegant, chic and glamorous fashion statement. They are a necessary staple in every well-dressed woman's jewelry box (photos courtesy of pearloasis.com). So how lucky am I that my birthday is in June and the pearl is my birthstone!

The Bride's accessories are no different. Since I am quite partial to the pearl ("Bridal Pearls of Wisdom:-) I love to see "my" Brides incorporate pearls into their Wedding day jewelry ensemble. The addition of crystals adds a contemporary twist to this most refined look. Whether it is a pretty pair of earrings, a uniquely styled brooch for their hair or show-stopping multi-strand bracelet, the look is always beautiful . To me and many others, the pearl is the quintessential symbol of grace and elegance. So, whether you choose to adorn yourself or not with this treasured gem, any pearl accessory will certainly make a distinctive statement on your Wedding day.

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